Watch a free webinar focused on implementing mindful practices through each stage of the API Lifecycle with Postman's API Lifecycle and Platform Strategist, Kevin Swiber.

Kevin Swiber

Kevin Swiber
API Lifecycle and Platform Strategist, Postman

Session Details

Web API trends are complex and have crashed into software architectures with blazing-fast speed. In addition to RESTful services, we see the challenges of supporting GraphQL, gRPC, and event-driven APIs for years to come. Teams have begun their journey to wrangle these deployments and assess their impact over time. Don't fear! We'll review patterns to mitigate common operational pitfalls and reduce breaking changes while introducing standards to improve how the next API trends might land in your data centers.

We'll go through:

  • Production API design techniques
  • What to do about versioning
  • How to implement governance, and
  • The must-haves of observability